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We craft Visual Resumes to impress the Recruiters within 30 seconds. Our experts create Powerfully Written Resumes to spark the interest of Hiring Managers. Our team of Certified, Award-Winning Writers insert the "WOW" factor into every writing project! We create customized Resume that beats ATS and makes you stand out from the crowd and secure Interviews with ease.

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Our Unique Selling Proposition is that we craft a world-class Visual Resume and SEO-optimized LinkedIn Profile that sparks the interest of Hiring Managers and makes sure you stand out from the crowd. We are the pioneers in providing top resume writing services in India. Also, we will help you find your next job through the Employee Referral Program from the Top-Notch companies of your choice. We are the only company providing this service.

Benefits of our Employee Referral Program:

1) Company Senior employee refers you to their company and recommends you for an interview

2) Referrals can increase your chances of getting hired by 7X

3) Get access to the exclusive hidden job market

4) 65% of jobs are only filled through Referrals

Whiteslips has empowered thousands of Jobseekers to connect with referring Employees of any company through its Powerful Networking. More than one Lac Employee across various Industries are registered with us.

Our brand value depends on the quality of the resumes and profiles we forward for Job referrals; hence we make sure your profiles are impressive.

Please, be informed that our clients have a 46% success rate with our Employee Referrals and a 58% increase in Job response after they avail our Resume and LinkedIn Profile Building services.

It is a framework where we strive to serve our esteemed customers who put their trust in our services. This platform's main focus emerged with the concept of enabling you to attain your dream career. Our reliable and professional resume writers are well-equipped and trained to render the highest quality matter within the shortest amount of time. Notwithstanding, seeing as our creative and technical resume writers have worked on diverse projects, we assign writers based on the profile's requirements and demands. To differentiate ourselves in a saturated market, we are integrating the concept of distinctiveness and benevolence by offering shortest business days delivery with the opportunity to upgrade to expedited professional resume writing service for 2 business day handover.

The benefits of employing a professional resume writer can vary from advanced writing skills to industry knowledge. Consider these benefits of employing a resume writer:

Professional writing experience: Professional resume builders are often experts in the written word and dedicate their skills to improve your own writing. This implies they will help nonwriters use unique phrasing, industry keywords and proper spelling and grammar to craft an appealing resume.

Inside knowledge of hiring practices: Some professional resume builders who expertise in certain industries have inside knowledge of the hiring standards within those industries. This implies they will know which keywords, phrases, skills or formatting to include so you can be noticed by hiring managers

Current industry-standard knowledge: If you haven't updated your resume recently, some standards may have changed in your specific field during that time. Best resume builders can verify that your information is up to date and meets hiring standards

As the proverb goes, "I am not afraid to eat alone because I know what I bring to the table," which denotes the precise representation of the resume's main goal. A resume does not get you the job; rather, it is the applicant's first impression ahead of the recruiter, which might be the first step toward getting the optimum job and to buildyour professionalresume avail professional resume writing services

Stuffing is that the worst thing you will be able to do to your resume or any other type of content. So, cutting the resume short does not imply cutting out the essential data, but rather snipping out the unnecessary information that makes a resume lengthy and boring. The professional resume writers craft a resume should not exceed two pages, but if it omits relevant requisites, it can be added.

Many things changed in the world of employment after the widespread of covid-19, and one of the activities that became more prevalent during this time was the online application for job seeking. Similarly, when applying for a job online, most employers require a cover letter as well as a resume. Furthermore, including a cover letter elevates the application to a much higher level of professionalism.

Your resume should focus on what you've achieved (i.e. your accomplishments), and not what you're supposed to do (i.e. your responsibilities). Here's the difference:

Responsibility (don't do this): “In charge of creating design assets.”

Consider the statement above. It explains what you did, but not how well you did it. It sounds like it was pulled straight from a job posting, which makes it too generic for a resume. Here's what you might write instead:

Designed an email toolkit and style guide to enable teams to quickly build mobile-responsive emails and maintain visual consistency; led to time savings of 5+ hours per week

In contrast, the statement above is specific about what you achieved in the role, focuses on the end benefit to the company, and it uses numbers and metrics to explicitly quantify that achievement (i.e. time savings).

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