1. How does Whiteslips help Jobseekers?

Whiteslips is a socially responsible Business Network that connects Jobseekers and Hiring Managers through an Employee Referral Program. Currently, more than one Lakh Senior Level Employees from Top-Notch companies across various Industries are registered with us. So far, Whiteslips has empowered thousands of Jobseekers to find their next dream Job in any company through its Powerful Networking.

Whiteslips is providing services all over India and we will be extending our services to other countries in the near future.

Whiteslips is recognized as a Startup-India for our innovative Recruitment solutions by the Government of India.

2. What are the steps to be followed in Whiteslips to get FREE Employee Referral?

Currently, Whiteslips is offering one FREE employee Referral for every jobseekers to find their next job. The only criteria is that their Resume and LinkedIn profile should meet the industry standards to avoid rejections as it affects the reputation of the referring Employee.

So, the Resume and LinkedIn Profile Evaluation is mandatory for this process. As per the Evaluation report, if your profile meets the industry standards, we will be immediately connecting you with the referring Employee Directly.

Step 1: Apply for a Resume and LinkedIn Profile Evaluation Report from Whiteslips for just Rs.199. This is to analyze your current profile and make your job search more efficient. You will get a detailed report within 2 business days. Click the link below to proceed.

Step 2: Our Employment Advisor will contact you along with your Evaluation Report to understand your requirement to proceed further.

Step 3: If your Resume and LinkedIn profile meet the Industry standards, we offer you one Employee Referral FREE. We will connect you with the Referring employee directly from the company of your choice.

Note: Mock Interview performance is mandatory for 0 - 5 years of experience to avail the FREE Employee Referral.

3. What is an Employee Referral Program?

An Employee Referral Program is a recruiting strategy in which Employers encourage current Employees, through Rewards and Bonus, to refer qualified Candidates for Jobs in their Organizations.

4. What are the benefits of our Employee Referral Program?

a) A referral is when a company employee refers you to their company and recommends you for an interview
b) Referrals can enormously increase your chances by a 7X
c) You get access to their exclusive hidden job market
d) 65% jobs are only filled through referrals after the pandemic
e) A senior from a Top-notch company is waiting to speak to you. Get connected with them directly to earn your job referral!

5. Why the Employee Referral is effective?

Companies prefer candidates referred by their own employees because –

a) Employee Referrals Decrease Hiring Time
b) Employee Referrals Have a Higher Conversion Rate
c) Referral Hires Stay with the Company Longer
d) Employee Referrals are Cost-effective, Credible and Efficient method of sourcing.

6. Why Whiteslips processes ONLY Industry-Standard Resume and Professionally Customized LinkedIn Profile?

This is done to secure interviews with ease and avoid rejections as it affects the reputation of the Referring Employee and the Brand value of Whiteslips.

7. Why does Whiteslips charge Rs.199 for the Profile Evaluation?

Whiteslips was established with a dynamic vision to help Job Seekers who were affected by this Pandemic. Hence Whiteslips is concerned more about helping only those who are seriously looking for a job. To give preference and identify genuine jobseekers, Whiteslips is charging just Rs.199 for the profile evaluation and providing one Employee Referral FREE*. We offer a FREE evaluation for those who lost their Job in this pandemic, provided the supporting documents are submitted at service@whiteslips.com.

8. Why should Jobseekers go with Employee Referral Program rather than directly applying for Jobs?

The truth is many resumes go unnoticed as 65% of all the jobs are filled through networkingduring the pandemic effect. Referral is the Best and smartest way to Get Hired!

9. How do Employees of other Companies get benefited by joining hands with Whiteslips?

Employees join hands with Whiteslips for 4 major reasons.

1) Social Value - They join hands with Whiteslips to help Jobseekers during this Pandemic impacts.
2) Bonus - Employees get benefited through the Employee Referral Bonus in their respective companies on every successful Placement.
3) Advantage - They can use Whiteslips as a Networking Platform to find their next Dream Job.
4) Quality Manpower - With 10+ years of Networking, Whiteslips ensures that they get to Hire Top-quality Talents which fit their company's requirement.

10. Can Whiteslips help Jobseekers find Jobs in any Company, any Industry, and any Function all over India?

Yes! We connect with Referring Employees of their desired Company through our Networking. Whiteslips has empowered thousands of Jobseekers to find their next dream Job in any company, any function through its Powerful Networking with the help of Referring Employees all over India.

11. What is an Industry Standard Resume?

An Industry Standard Resume consists of an Eye-catching Summary of Jobseeker's overall Experience, Simplified Employment History, Keywords, Skills & Core-competencies with Strong Content and Perfect Formatting within 2 pages that create a positive and professional first impression.

Effective resumes present the applicant's skills and achievements relevant to the position they are applying for.

An Industry Standard Resume would easily beat ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and impress the Recruiters within 30 seconds. Preferably, Visual Resume!

12. What happens if you build a Resume & LinkedIn Profile from Whiteslips?

Our Unique Selling Proposition is that we craft a world-class Visual Resume and SEO optimized LinkedIn Profile that sparks the interest of Hiring Managers and makes sure you stand out from the crowd.

Also, you will get more Employee Referrals FREE to find your next job of your choice from the Top-Notch companies through the Employee Referral Program as more than one Lac Employees of other companies are registered with us.

To avail our services, click the link below https://www.whiteslips.com/resume

13. What are the advantages of availing FREE Mock Interview from Whiteslips?

Mock Interview with our Experts will help you identify your weakness to improve your Interview skills. It also helps job applicants to understand their performance and prepare for the real job interview.

Currently we are offering one FREE employee Referral for you to find your dream Job. However, Mock Interview performance is mandatory to avoid rejections as it affects the reputation of the Referring Employee.

14. What happens if you avail Interview Preparation Services from Whiteslips?

Through Employee Referral Program, People are 7 times more likely to get hired when referred by an existing employee of the company. Moreover, Referrals are given priority and processed quicker to get placed. Only if you are able to face the interview with confidence and proper preparation, you will be able to secure the placement.

If you want to be 100% confident to impress the hiring managers, Interview preparation is - key to success. And if you are unable to showcase your talent and skills, it's difficult to get through any interview.

Whiteslips is an expert in training people for the interviews effectively along with brainstorming sessions and preparing answers from their real-time experiences and examples. Once you learn this skill, you can use it for life long and ace any interview.

15. What are the Services Whiteslips offering?

Free Employee Referral
Pro Employee Referrals
Profile Evaluation
Resume Building
LinkedIn Profile Makeover
Naukri Profile Makeover
Cover Letter
LinkedIn Recommendations
Online CV
Mock Interview
Interview Preparation

*Terms & Conditions apply